Every new concert is like discovering a new treasure that is then delivered on to the audience. A great privilege.

Photo by: Mané Espinosa


Roit Feldenkreis started in the arena of classical music in the “classical” way. As a young girl she trained in Israel and the USA to become a soprano singer with everything that it entails: practice, discipline and hard work in the face of challenge. 

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She impressed me immensely with her absolute control of the orchestra and the musical material. All these was achieved by minimal elements and modesty on one hand but hand safe and determination on the other.

Ella Milch-Sheriff

I sang under the baton of Roit Feldenkreis and The Montevideo Philharmonic two 20th century works, Roit had a great success in leading the orchestra with her clear and musical conducting.

Sivan Rotem

Roit has an extraordinary artistic ability.

Gisele Ben-Dor

I have worked with numerous conductors and I was impressed by her personality and spirit. Roit is the energetic modern conductor orchestras of today need.

Jacob Ter Veldhuis

One of the most striking things about Roit Feldenkreis is her generous, dynamic and sympathetic gesture, capable of shaping the timbric material of the orchestra in front of her, creating a unique sound that is both innovative and respectful of the score placed on the stand.

Giulio Marazia

Roit is an inspiring conductor, full of life and dedication. Working with her on the Schumann piano concerto was an uplifting special experience for me. Roit sees ever tiny detail in the score and her musical language is fascinating. I look forward to working with her again on future projects.

Dr. Michal Tal